About Our Association

The Killeen Police Employees Association Serves The City of Killeen And Its Members With Honor and Pride


The Killeen Police Employees Association was founded in 2016. The goal of the Killeen PEA is to partner with the community and provide quality police service through community interaction, emphasizing the highest degree of cooperation, professionalism, and ethical behavior, and to create an atmosphere of safety and security. Our community policing approach helps neighborhoods keep safe by working with our police officers daily. The Killeen PEA is active in our community and many of our member’s volunteer in Killeen and within the communities where they live.

We have proudly served the community of Killeen for the last year and look forward to doing so for many more to come. We are committed to not only the safety of our citizens and business but to providing charitable contributions to those in our community who need our help the most.

To help us better serve you and our community we share, please feel free to join our mission by participating in any of our events or donating toward our cause.

Thank you for your support and contributions,
Killeen Police Employees Association